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A family of innovative products


HygieCatch is a new and efficient way of monitoring your dog's health. It can be used in several ways, including:

1. To screen general health at home.

2. Get a urinalysis test result prior to an online vet tele-consultation.

3. Collect a urine sample for a face-to-face vet consultation.



On the back of Trecento's success with our HygieCatch wellness test kit for dogs we have developed a urine collection and testing kit for cats. Developed in partnership with veterinarians this new patented innovation will radically change cat health and wellness for the better. 


Your puppy's health and wellbeing starts here. Not only does our toilet training spray help teach your pet to use indoor training pads, pet loos or an outdoor location, it also establishes a link to HygieCach. This happens because PupeeTrainer uses the same unique Trecento attractant scent. So whenever your pet needs to go to the vet, or you wish to check their health, they are already familiar with the HygieCatch scent, making collecting a urine sample even easier.

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