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Who We Are

Trecento's mission is to invent innovative products that help pet owners and veterinarians look after our furry loved ones, so pet healthcare is faster, easier and safer.

Our products are developed in partnership with veterinarians, breeders and dog trainers. They are then rigorously tested for quality, usability and safety in veterinary clinics, pet hospitals and by pet owners. Today our products are helping to improve the lives of animals around the world.


Why choose the HygieCatch family of products?

Because they need us to talk for them.


All Trecento's products are invented, tested and manufactured in the UK to
the highest quality and safety standards. 


We develop our products in partnership with our customers and partners and listen carefully to their feedback so we can produce the best possible products.


Our aim is simple; to help improve animal welfare by making products that help diagnose conditions earlier, so our beloved pets have a happy longer life.

Our Core Values

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