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​How is your dog feeling?

Check their health at home today with HygieCatch

Monitor your dog's health from home

​Have urinalysis results ready for an online consultation

Collect a urine sample ready for a vet appointment

Monitor your dogs recovery and antibiotic treatment


Led by innovation

Our patented collection device contains a specially formulated fragrance that not only attracts the dog but also encourages urination


Home or veterinary use

HygieCatch kits contain everything needed to collect a canine urine sample and then test it.

Gives important diagnostic information to assist with video calls, saving costs and speeding up diagnosis.

Can be given to customers in advance
of face-to-face appointments to save time and stress.

Can save veterinary time collecting a canine sample. Can help avoid a Cystocentesis procedure.

Part of a product family

Customer feedback

“HygieCatch let me know my dog had a urinary infection. The collection device saved me time and the test strip results allowed me to tell my vet on a telecall.”


Owner of a Spaniel

“When my dog came home from the veterinary hospital I could monitor his leukocytes and nitrite levels and update my vet with the information.”


Owner of a Siberian Husky 

“When my dog was drinking a lot the HygieCatch test helped me identify the possibility of diabetes, so I was able to get her to the vet ahead of her regular check-up.”


Owner of a Dachshund



  • What's included in the HygieCatch kit?
    HygieCatch's unique urine collection device, disposable gloves, collection cup, 2 urinalysis test strips, results chart and a transportation tube. Everything you need to do a test.
  • Can female dogs use HygieCatch?
    Yes. HygieCatch comes in three different sizes. As female dogs crouch to urinate use a small or medium size device.
  • Is HygieCatch easy to use?
    Yes. The collection device comes in a foil pouch to protect the unique scent. Simply open the pouch and fold out the sections and place over the colletion cup. Full illustrative instructions are shown on the back of the packaging and a leaflet containing useful advice and collection tips is included within the kit.
  • How often should my dog's health be checked and what can HygieCatch test for?
    HygieCatch is designed to monitor your dog's health between veterinary appointments, or whenever your dog is looking unwell. It enables you to act fast and get the information to your vet's attention if required. The urinalysis strips included in HygieCatch can test 10 different parameters. These help identify urinary infection, assess your pet's kidneys and bladder health and give insight on their glusose regulation and liver function.
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