What vets say about HygieCatch

"Safe, reliable and truly practical, saves us hours and, most importantly, saves the dogs and their owners stress and anxiety."

"Urinalysis has never been easier, for the dog, dog owner or vet."

Changing the way canine urine is collected


Prior to HygieCatch collecting urine samples for urinalysis testing was difficult and frustrating. Vets and pet owners would need to follow the dog around with a cup or bowl waiting for the exact moment the dog needed to urinate. This could take considerable time, causing stress to both the animal and the ‘catcher’.

In addition, even if successful, the process was often not hygienic and frequently provided contaminated samples. This meant that a cystocentesis procedure would be the only real alternative to collect the urine sample, which added another level of stress for both dog and owner. HygieCatch, designed in partnership with veterinary practitioners, dispenses with all of this and offers a quick, simple, non-invasive and hygienic way to collect an uncontaminated canine urine sample.


Trecento Diagnostics, the company behind HygieCatch, has spent over two years developing and creating the patented collection device. HygieCatch is impregnated with a unique attractant, made from specially formulated fragrances and natural oils, which encourages the dog to urinate on the collection device. HygieCatch’s funnel design then channels the urine into a sterile gallipot ready for urinalysis testing.

With stimulation and collection delivered in a single easy to use device, HygieCatch gives vets and pet owners a new and efficient way to access urinalysis.

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Quick, convenient and reliable

The HygieCatch Collection Kit includes everything a customer needs to collect a canine urine sample.

HygieCatch enables pet owners to provide a pet urine sample to the vet easily and cost-effectively, ready for testing. Treatment times are improved and the stress of trying to get a sample during the appointment is reduced.

Each kit comprises disposable gloves, urine collection container, collection cup and the unique HygieCatch device.

HygieCatch urine collection kits can be handed out at reception to customers booking appointments or in advance of their pet's next check-up. The kits can also be sent out by post as a reminder so the owner is fully prepared for their pet’s appointment.


The most innovative vet product in years

  • Unique Attractant

    HygieCatch helps stimulate the dog to urinate

  • Prevents contamination

    Prevents against contamination in the collection procedure

  • Works with all dog sizes

    HygieCatch comes in a range of sizes to work with all breeds of dog

  • Male and female dogs

    Works with both male and female dogs

  • Flexible

    Can be used indoors or outdoors

  • Usable on most surfaces

    Can be used on almost any surface including long grass

  • Safe to use

    Completely safe, has no sharp edges and is made with environmentally friendly materials

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